Thursday, 19 September 2013

A productive day :)

I managed an hour or so to work on my house today while baby took a nap ;) I managed to put down flooring in the kitchen and paint it, paint some more furniture and upholster my sofa, oh, and make a roman blind for the kitchen! Now I have my own space set up I find myself wanting to work on the house more as it doesn't take over the whole of my kitchen and involve the dreaded 'put away' stage :)

I wanted my kitchen floor to be wooden floor boards painted white to tie in with the whole shabby chic theme. I couldn't find any to print off online as it was all wooden colours or paper so I decided to have a go at making my own, and i'm very happy with the result :D

I decided to score the effect of the wooden floor boards and then paint over them. I just used a cereal box and just scored where I thought the planks should lay
I then painted them with a matt effect paint. I didnt Want them to look perfect as only a small part will be visible