Friday, 20 July 2018

Designing my own Dollhouse part 2

So I was so unsure of what colour to paint the inside of the house, I have no idea what theme or colour scheme I will have yet so I used some leftover paint from my hallway ;) It is called Moonlight and is a pretty pastel gray/Lilac
For the floor, I wasn't sure whether to add a carpet or use wooden stirrers cut up to mimic wooden floor. In the end, I found a pack of scrapbook paper with different wood effects and decided to cut it in strips and glue it down to make the scale a little more realistic for the house
What do you think?

Monday, 16 July 2018

So I decided to have a go at building my own dollhouse...

Hi all! So today is the first day of our summer holiday for the kids! So I might have time to get this idea to come along nicely seens as I never seem to be able completely to finish things. I don't know about you but I just always have so many projects going on from different hobbies.. So here it is.... I want to have a go at making my own Dollhouse. I am totally winging this and have no idea if the structure will make sense or even the layout. I plan to use the things I have around the house mostly, and I will share what I am using and where I will get my inspiration, along with links to any tutorials I find. As many of us are, I am also a huge fan of youtube(never been one to read instructions haha)and completely addicted to Pinterest. Hey I even admit to pouring over my Sims 4 builds for ideas on roof trimmings and ideas!
My original issue with a kit I made a few years ago was size, the doll I have is 16cm, it is a ball jointed doll. The door looked a little too thin and the ceiling just wasn't high enough. I would say the scale that works for this project for me is around 1/10. So a little bigger than 1/12 dollhouse scale but barbie 1/6 scale accessories wouldn't look out of place. I used the doll's size to begin the project with an adequate sized door. This gave some idea of the size to start with. Then for the height of the house. I decided I wanted one main room, like a girl cave/she shack, maybe some attic space with cushions and books For the base or skeleton of the house, I needed something that would stand straight and be strong enough to hold the cladding and tiles I wanted to eventually add but to not be too thick as it would ruin the scale. I also don't have any hardware tools to hand. I decided on a had a clip frame from Wilkinsons I had planned to put a poster in. It seems not too thick and I would be able to cut with a box cutter. I am so sooo impatient so alongside wood glue I used masking tape. I wanted the window to be huge and decorative so I have started with this size but I bet I can make it smaller if needed.
The base I have just made with cardboard
The roof I have no idea on shape or height, I do however want a little porch swing and porch steps so I am just playing aound with the slope or size of the porch roof. Did tell you I was winging this right :D ....
I Love the idea by Froggy stuff on youtube of cardboard from cereal boxed glued in layers and cut into strips for window frames, skirting board and door frames! Once painted with a paint I use for EVERYTHING wood in my house with no horrible gloss smell, Wilko Quick dry satin for interior wood and metal. It is quick to dry also wchich is even moreamazing as I am THAT impatient lol I am currently looking for ideas for the flooring. I am not sure whether to cut up wooden stirrers/lollypop sticks or just paperboard...or to use carpet... Well, there we go! A start on my new little project :) Any ideas welcome and criticisms(be kind though haha) Thank you for dropping by! NMB XXX

Sunday, 29 June 2014

A twist to my miniature hobby

I haven't used my blog in so long! I seem to go through fits and bursts with my miniatures hobby. I've found that If I have all of my craft things easily accessible, and in a place I can leave what ever I'm working on I'm more likely to actually get in the mood and craft. So I'm happy to say I've set up shop in the extension on the side of my house which was formally my junk room! So the twist! I love Pinterest! I sit and have a flick through and it never ends up 'quick' anything haha. A couple of years back I bought my daughter, who was around 12 at the time, a 'Littlest Pet Shop' Blythe special edition. I decided to get myself one too and chose a cute girl
I wanted to personalise them as you can a Blythe and decided to have a look around on EBay, Etsy and Pinterest and realise I had to find the scale, which is when I discovered the 1/12 scale BJD(Ball jointed Doll)I came across these cute little things that ranged from $25 right up to $500!! I came across a doll on Ebay from a seller in America and realise this was the doll I wanted! Size is, in fact important to me and 1/12 is about the size I prefer and seem to be drawn to, so when I saw the doll looked good in scale with 1/12 miniatures I was sold :) I trawled websites and shops online and found you could personalize everything on the doll from eyes to hair and of course outfits. The dolls I came across seemed in my price range so I chose the Jun Planning Ai BJD. I didn't want to spend too much in case I didn't like the doll. Unfortunately the postage was as much as the doll but I decided to go for the plunge. The doll had tracking and I was constantly checking to see if it was in the UK
My first BJD arrived on valentines day!!
She came in a cute little box which opened like a book, She is called Plum :)
She came with shoes and some cute things. A little box had what looked clay in which I later found out was 'eye putty'. I adored her size straight the way :)
I started taking pictures straight the way and adored her little clothes and the way she could pose :)
I immediately wanted to buy her clothes and shoes :D I decided to find eyes to fit her and the ones she came with looked a little 'beady'.
There are a few pictures on my flikr if you want to take a look :) Let me know what you think to my new girl Lilly :)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dress up

I have so much furniture I planned to re upholster and paint and havent had the time but im so glad I've made a start :)
With this dresser I chose a pastel pink paint and then distressed it a little to give it the shabby chic effect. I then got to my favourite part and began to fill it with plates, books and frames Id made. I painted a vintage telephone and the lids on some jars I had. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think :)

A productive day :)

I managed an hour or so to work on my house today while baby took a nap ;) I managed to put down flooring in the kitchen and paint it, paint some more furniture and upholster my sofa, oh, and make a roman blind for the kitchen! Now I have my own space set up I find myself wanting to work on the house more as it doesn't take over the whole of my kitchen and involve the dreaded 'put away' stage :)

I wanted my kitchen floor to be wooden floor boards painted white to tie in with the whole shabby chic theme. I couldn't find any to print off online as it was all wooden colours or paper so I decided to have a go at making my own, and i'm very happy with the result :D

I decided to score the effect of the wooden floor boards and then paint over them. I just used a cereal box and just scored where I thought the planks should lay
I then painted them with a matt effect paint. I didnt Want them to look perfect as only a small part will be visible 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013